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Monday May 14th, 09:00-18:00 - Tuesday May 15th, 09:00-16:00

Domain-Driven Design and Microservices

About this Workshop

Let’s go all the way - from sticky notes on the wall to a running microservices application written in Scala.

In this workshop we will use Event Storming, which is rapidly gaining popularity in the Domain-Driven Design community, to jointly design the application we are going to build in the rest of the workshop.

With the help of the Lagom Framework, we will transfer this model into an event-driven microservice system.

During this, you will learn about Event Sourcing and Command Query Responsibility Segregation, and how to translate the concepts used in Event Storming into working code.

Required knowledge

Basic general Scala programming knowledge.

Learning objectives

* Experience event storming. It's a powerful, engaging technique.
* Learn how the concepts of event storming (commands, events, aggregates, policies) can be immediately mapped to (the same) concepts in Lagom.
* Learn about Event Sourcing and CQRS
* Gain the experience of building a Lagom application with Scala yourself

Please note:
The Workshops will take place at the "Hotel NH Berlin Alexanderplatz", Landsberger Allee 26, 10249 Berlin, not at the same venue as the conference

Technical Requirements


Lutz Hühnken


is a freelance consultant, solutions architect and trainer. His current focus is the development of reactive applications – responsive, scalable, resilient systems – with Scala, Akka, and Lagom, mostly for financial institutions and gaming companies. He's one of the authors of the upcoming O'Reilly book "Lagom – The Definitive Guide"

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