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Monday May 14th, 09:00-18:00 - Tuesday May 15th, 09:00-16:00

Akka in Practice

About this Workshop

Akka is an excellent toolkit for building Reactive Systems, because its foundation – the actor model – facilitates distribution, fault tolerance and loose coupling.

In this workshop we learn how to use the various Akka libraries, including Akka Typed, Streams, HTTP, Persistence and Cluster to build a Microservice based system.

Required knowledge

* Solid Scala skills

Learning objectives

* Basics of Akka actors
* Various higher-level Akka modules
* Build a Microservice based system with Akka

Please note:
The Workshops will take place at the "Hotel NH Berlin Alexanderplatz", Landsberger Allee 26, 10249 Berlin, not at the same venue as the conference

Technical Requirements

We are happy that you are going to attend our Akka in Practice workshop at Scala Days in Berlin. As this is going to be a very hands-on, exercise heavy workshop, you have to bring your developer laptop (modern CPU and enough memory, preferably Linux or macOS) with the following software installed. Please understand that due to the limited time and the large group, we cannot help you with any issues during the workshop related to software missing or installed in a different version:

Once you have installed the above, please clone these two git repositories which contain skeleton projects for the workshop:

Please open a terminal (command line) and change into each of the two cloned project directories. Then execute `sbt test`. This should result in downloading all necessary dependencies and finally a positive message like „[success] Total time …“.

If you have issues with any of the above steps, please don’t hesitate to contact Heiko at as early as possible.

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin
Heiko and Petra


Heiko Seeberger


loves rock climbing and is an internationally renowned expert on Scala, Akka and Functional Programming. He has more than twenty years of experience in software engineering, consulting and training and is an active open source contributor. Heiko works as an independent consultant and regularly shares his knowledge at conferences and user group meetings. He tweets under @hseeberger and blogs under

Petra Bierleutgeb


Petra Bierleutgeb is a freelance software engineer interested in Scala, FP, Linux and infrastructure. She greatly enjoys rock climbing and from time to time she writes blog posts and speaks at conferences.

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