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Track 2 - Hall 6 - Foundations

Building a reactive multi-user document editor in ScalaJS

About this Workshop

The reactive manifesto has started a movement towards scalability and resilience on the server. Now recently, also client-side developers are applying reactive ideas more and more. This talk describes the creation of a multi-user structured document editor, which allows full real-time collaboration on one order, invoice or quote by several parties, across the world.

Required knowledge

Basic familiarity with the Scala language.

Learning objectives

* Learn how Akka Streams (on the server) and Outwatch (in the browser) play together in an event-sourced application
* Learn how to apply reactive streams to a DOM user interface
* Learn how to finally convince your Javascript friends to try a new, safer, language"


Jan Ypma


Jan Ypma is a full-stack software architect at Tradeshift, focusing on developing at scale. He has designed Java enterprise systems at international level in a variety of domains. His background in electrical engineering and embedded software gives him a fresh out-of-box perspective. Jan is a contributor to the Akka framework and other open source projects, and a regular speaker on event sourcing with Java and Scala.

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